Battleground mobile India early access apk i now available for Indian users. So here is the download link of battleground mobile India Apk.

Battleground mobile India

As you guys all know pubg mobile is launching new indian version of pubg mobile called battleground mobile india. But when the game is get launched may be playstore server are get down because of hevay laod.

So thats why im writing this article and provide you the downlaod link of pubg mobile india. So bookmark this page as soon as pubg mobile india launched on playstore ill update the downlaod link with medeifire or google drive.

About Battleground Mobile India

A well-developed gaming platform, Battleground Mobile India APK is designed to make shooting skills more enjoyable. It’s a wonderful forum where you can see an entire underground world of new weapons that have recently been published.

The game will bring two exclusive maps for you and all the gamers out there which will have new places. New weapons, but gamers are going to find some new mechanics and vehicles to help you get to the top of the game.

The maps are the theme of Meteor Exodus, and this new gameplay for Indian gamers is quite satisfying.

Battleground Mobile India APK + OBB Download

Apk namePUBG Mobile India APK
Size1.8 GB (with OBB)
Last Updated on10 November 2020
Android SupportYes

Battleground Mobile India Gameplay

Well, PUBG is a game that does not require any introduction, and you need to be clear of the shooting ability in the game. The multiplayer fighting game developed by the PUBG company has only the primary slogan of keeping the game alive. The game will have different characters equipped with beautiful scenarios, and you can select one according to your preference. Only as you continue to move on and score more can you have weapons and other accessories.

The more you stay, the more you receive and the more guns you will have. You can access all these and rock your game, from various types of weapons to other vehicles. Only holding your enemies away and killing them until they kill you is the only way to survive in the game. Rewards will be given if you want to get fantastic weapons to show off your skills, you can go for this APK.

Graphics Information

Graphics is important in this game since it plays a very important role. If any game’s graphics are inappropriate, then you may not like the game and stop playing it. So let’s talk about the Mobile India APK of the PUBG.

You’re going to love this game, and you’re not going to have any problems with clarity. To make your name reach high up and fill it with action, all the characters with various clothes are here.

All the gamers out there will find all the features of this APK version in this article. A well developed APK is PUBG Mobile India APK, and you can download the game from the link below. The downloading steps are also present, so give it a look.

Battleground Mobile India Features:

PUBG Mobile’s APK file is beautifully built and you can find several features worth checking out. Here are some of the intriguing parts of the PUBG Mobile India APK, and by downloading the file, you can see others.

New Weapons

An exciting journey with new weapons will be available for all users who opt for this apk file. This game file will include a whopping M203 Grenade Launcher. The Thikar rifle can accessed by users with more power in the game now. New heavy armor and thermal sight goggles included in the game file. It is more fun to play with certainty.

Metro Exodus Map

As mentioned before the APK will carry you two separate plans, which will be based on trenches. Also, its base is Erangel with ruins and bandit village, which will make the game’s whole setup more interesting while you play. If you decide to go for this APK, you will see some more new places, all in a confidential environment.

Royale Pass

The game is all about your shooting skills, and the theme of the game is the other significant aspect. If you download this, you will get a great list of posts. File now including the theme of the Winter Festival in your game. With Royale pass S16, there is also a Metro theme, which started with this new theme.

Lobby System With Mechanics

With its new model, the Gaming Lobby system will allow you to experience a whole new journey. Yes, it will escort you to Metro Royale’s original mode, where you will start to enjoy the features. The game has outstanding battle mechanics, and in the game, you can even get a railcar vehicle.

How To Download And Install Battleground Mobile India

  • Remove PUBG Mobile Apk file.
  • Download the new Battleground Mobile India APK from Here.
  • Look out for a file that’s corrupt. If yes, then delete immediately if found.
  • Check for all the viruses after uploading successfully, if downloaded by accident.
  • Once the virus is downloaded and removed, install the APK on the computer.
  • Now on your PUBG India APK.
  • You have already successfully installed PUBG Mobile India APK on your Android Device.


Battleground Mobile India APK is a known APK file and by many gamers out there is also one of the most installed games. Too many Android users who want to play BGMI easily get it downloaded. As the file demand increases and the download rate of this APK also increase.

we bring you many unique game upgrades that are sure to be used efficiently. A download link and the steps for downloading the Battleground Mobile India APK file are given in the article.

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