PUBG Mobile is going to release sequel called PUBG Mobile 2 : New State. And in this article ill covering everything you need to know about the PUBG Mobile2 New State.

PUBG: New State has been made live on Google Play for pre-registration. It is being told that this game will be made live on the App Store soon. Fauji: A taxi from New State has also been shared by PUBG Studios, the developer of the game. A dedicated website has also been developed for the game. This game is based in the year 2051. That is, the weapons and vehicles shown in it are quite advanced. Let us now know a little detail about this game.

PUBG Mobile 2: New State

About PUBG Mobile 2: New State

A new PUBG Mobile battle royale game that’s being developed by PUBG Studio themselves and not Tencent, has been expected for a while. Even as early as 3 years ago. And this is the first time we have an idea of what a mobile sequel might look like. The original post was deleted for unknown reasons, but I was able to save an image of it.

The new PUBG Mobile game is set in the near future: 2051. With a new map and futuristic style. Utilizing gadgets like drones and deployable shields. It’ll support both Android and iOS devices.

Release Date

There’s new leaks on a PUBG Mobile 2 game doing a surprise release next week. According to a leaked report on Sina Weibo, could be releasing as early as next week. Which is a coincidence because next week is exactly the survival tournament for PUBG’s PGIS. If I would have to guess, PUBG could be looking to make an announcement during the middle of the tournament.

Gameplay And Design

This new PUBG mobile design strays even further away than what it already is from the original game. But I’m also a little surprised by this move, since PUBG Studio’s the ones making this version of the mobile game, not Tencent.

With the removal of Fortnite on iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. I’m curious how much this new style will benefit PUBG Mobile 2 in filling that new gap Fortnights left behind. And as for PUBG 2, we can only guess what’s going to happen to that game.

Things you should know

It might not be Battle Royale, it might not even be a new game. We only know that it’s a sequel whatever that means; It’s been likely name is: “PUBG2”; It’s being outsourced, meaning PUBG is hiring someone else to make the game for them. We know it probably isn’t Callisto Protocol, the game made by Glen Schoefield & his studio Striking Distance, because this game started hiring pretty late. (May 2020).

But if we do see something new about the new Mobile game later this week or next week. Then I think we’ll see something for PUBG Steam’s sequel eventually.

Final Words

PUBG Mobile 2 New State pre registrations started you head over to this link to register.

Note: This game registration open for all country’s except Indian, Vietnam and china.

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