Season 16 of PUBG Mobile is arriving soon in the middle of next month. For the upcoming season, here are the new leaked tier rewards, Features, and leaks. Here, check them out.

pubg mobile season 16
PUBG Mobile Update: PUBG Mobile’s fifteenth season is still raging, finishing on 15 November 2020, with the release date of PUBG Season 16 set to begin from 16-17 November 2020. A small in-game update will be available, which will be expanded to unlock the RP portion.

Here Are Some of the possible season 16 features, leaks, and rewards we mighty see in the pubg mobile.

As usual, when they reach the gold tier and above, PUBG Mobile players can receive tier rewards. Season-themed outfits, mask, weapon skin, rating protection card, thematic parachute skin, and conqueror avatar frame are often the rewards. In addition, at the end of each season, you also get a sum of silver coins, based on the level you reach.
You will also get the same rewards in the upcoming season, including an outfit, mask, gun skin, parachute skin, and more.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 Tier Rewards And Leaks

  • A cool outfit is the Gold Tier Reward. You get 600 coins of silver as well.
  • The reward for the Platinum tier is a steel mask. 800 silver fragments may also be obtained by players.
  • The reward for the Diamond tier is that the new updated SMG Thompson gun has a fancy gun skin. An attachment slot for a red dot or holographic vision has been added to this SMG. This makes this weapon more prominent in this game. The developers seem to be introducing this skin of the gun to attract more fans of this newly upgraded gun. In addition, players who reach the Diamond tier get 1000 silver coins as well.
Season 16 Tier Rewards And Leaks
  • Crown tier rewards include a protection card for the rating tier and 1300 silver coins.
  • A Yellow Season Parachute skin and an Ace Name Tag can be obtained when you reach Ace in season 16. In addition, 1600 silver coins will be given to Ace players. Furthermore, if you are among the top 500 server players to reach this level, your tier will be immediately transferred to Conqueror.
  • The Conqueror player tier rewards include a Season 16 conqueror avatar unit, a name tag for the conqueror, and 2000 silver fragments.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 New Features

Royale’s Pass for Season 16

Season 16, like any other PUBG Mobile season, will have a Pass Royale with 100 reward ranks to reach. Free Royale Pass: For all teams, open. Earn Royale Points (RP) by completing missions to rank up with items by crates and more.

15x For Scope

This is by far the most prominent announcement for PUBG Mobile. Finally, we’re going to get the 15X Scope on PUBG Mobile. The current maximum size of the Scope is 8X, and the latest one will be up to twice that! The 15X Scope will obviously be attached to Sniper Rifles only.

Elite Royale Pass

Win rewards faster from Elite missions and level up faster. Get 4000 UC worth of rewards instantly. Royale Pass Elite Plus: The Elite Pass contains everything. At 40 percent off the Elite Pass deal, you also get 25 ranks unlocked instantly. Get 10.000 UC immediately.

Mode of the night for Erangel

We believe Erangel is coming to PUBG Mobile Season 16 again with a new Night Mode! The leaks, as per that. If the rumor turns out to be true, you will have the opportunity to see the stunning aurora lights in Erangel 2.0.0 again. While the night feature of Erangel was darkness and night vision goggles, in its 2.0 version, you can see comets and meteors.

Sets of band theme-power4

We expect the new season for PUBG Mobile to be the Four Horsemen Package. Lady of Blood, Spike Demon, Grave Lord, and Wraith Lord Outfit will be an upgradeable outfit. With their unique emotes, all of these will also come.


  • Outfit Night Terror
  • Champion Set Draconian
  • Suit from Le Tigre
  • Mask and Headgear

Headgear Night Terror

  • Champion Hat Draconian
  • Skins with Guns

Gun Skins

  • Scar-L Metal Jungle
  • Thompson Season 16
  • Draconian M16A4 Champion
  • Draconian Champion – Machete
  • UMP45 Outlawed Fiction
  • The M249 V Winter Queen
  • Icicle – Mini14

Skins for Cars

  • Champion Draconian End

Some More Rewards

  • Battle Goggles for Season 16
  • Backpack Draconian Champion
  • Champion Parachute Draconian
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