PUBG Mobile just launched season 17 update if you want download. In this article i mentioned the download link of PUBG Mobile new update V1.2: Runic Power.

pubg mobile update season 17 download

Here Are The PUBG Mobile V1.2 Runic Power Season 17 Download Links:

About PUBG Mobile Season17 Update (v1.2: Runic Power)

PUBG Mobile Android Update 1.2 has now launched on Android and iOS, which means Season 17 is just a few days out. The highlights of this patch include the latest Runic Control gameplay mechanics, the big Kar and M24 buffs and the release of the FAMAS. Check out the full information below, courtesy of a report on the official subreddit of the title.

New Gameplay And Information

To give you a great gaming experience, PUBG MOBILE will release updates from January 12. This upgrade would not render the server offline. This upgrade would take 617 MB of storage space on Android devices. The version of the iOS needs 1.5 GB. Remember that players on separate versions are unable to team up with each other pubg mobile update season 17 download .


  • Players can select their type of Rune energy on Spawn Island. You need to pick to put the Flame Rune the Arctic Rune or the Wind Rune into the current game.
  • You’ll get two abilities after choosing a rune. The first skill is what summons an entity, and the second skill gives you a boost. The use of these skills absorbs Rune energy.
  • Rune energy can be produced in the matches.

New Abelites

Flame Rune

  • Summon Skill-Summons a flame wheel that rolls forward steadily, inflicting damage to enemy players that it hits.
  • Improve skill-Adds a burning impact to your Ammunition for a brief period of time.

Arctic Run

  • Summon Skill-Summon an Ice Wall. Each block of the ice wall may be broken on its own. The ice wall appears players or vehicles will be raised right above them.
  • Boost skill-Adds the freezing effect on Ammo for a brief amount of time. Freezing decreases the curing efficiency.

Wind Run

  • Summon Skill-Calls for a semi-transparent wind shield that limits the damage incurred by bullets fired from beyond the shield.
  • Improve skill-Increases movement and level of reload.

Game Performance and Other Improvements

  • Improved the loading rationale. That the backpacks would open quicker the first time they are opened.
    Improved performance and reliability of Cheer Park to encourage more players to appear on the same screen.
    Improved the power usage of high-end iOS devices to make the devices less likely to overheat result of the game.
  • Android players will use the incremental upgrade function to update game resources, drastically reducing the amount of resource updates required to start the game.
  • Android users can download the initial game pack in the background.

DOWNLOAD & UPDATE Season 17 PUBG Mobile Global New Update 1.2.0| No VPN – New APK Download

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