PUBG Mobile Update: PUBG Mobile V1.3 Beta is available for download worldwide. Know How to download the PUBG Mobile through the APK link and all the new features.

PUBG Mobile V1.3 Apk

PUBG Mobile V1.3 Apk Information

PUBG Mobile has released a beta program for the latest version of PUBG Mobile 1.3. In this update, the game will make a lot of new improvements and eventually add a new map to the game. Karakin, one of the most expected maps will be released in the next update of PUBG Mobile. Using the links below to download the PUBG Mobile Beta V1.3 apk.

What’s new?

  • PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 brings with it a new Karakin map, a 2×2 map situated in the dry and open environment of North Africa, which is packed with boulders. The Karakin map is already available on the PC and is close to Sanhok and Vikendi. It supports short-term matches and can have a maximum of 64 players.
  • Panzerfaust is another special function of the map. When fired, the new rocket launcher explodes on the surface and is stated to be automatically discarded. This means that it can only be used in gameplay once.
  • A new sticky bomb that can stick to a wall when it’s thrown and destroyed is also part of the current beta update.
  • The new Karakin map would introduce a new Motor Glider, which can also be found in the maps of Erangle and Miramar. The Motor Glider is going to be an all-over redesign. Players should expect to find features like Smuggle Tunnels, a new dark zone, and more.


PUBG Mobile 1.3 is very easy to use. All you need to do is click the link below and install the application to enjoy the game. It is also important to remember that it is a beta test edition and therefore you can experience it very quickly alongside the global version of PUBG Mobile.

How To Download Install This Beta Apk

  1. Players should first download the beta version of the APK file from the above page.
  2. They need to find and install the APK file. The ‘Install from Unknown Source’ option should be allowed if it has not been done before.
  3. Once the installation is complete, players can run PUBG Mobile and choose the resource pack they want (low quality or high quality). When the download is done, you should tap the guest option.
  4. A dialog box will appear, asking the user to enter the Invitation Code.
  5. After entering the code in the box, the players must press the yellow button below to validate the entered code.

Final Words

PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 is only available for testers as of now, and the stable version is expected to be released shortly for all users. However, those who can’t wait to get their hands on the latest features can download the APK from the above.

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