Nioh 2 lets players create their own half-human, half-demon protagonist, master a variety of weaponry, and slay feral Yokai in 16th century Japan. Here are 10 things you need to know about Nioh 2. Sponsored by Sony Entertainment.


All you Need To Know About Nioh 2

We are to punishing action RPG developed by team minju. the studio behind the legendary Ninja Gained series from seraglio case there it’s too adorable khaddam is here at 10 things you need to know about Nioh2.

Nioh 2 is a prequel to me are taking place in 16th century Japan. alarms ravaged by powerful demons called youkai. while the first game had a fixed protagonist named William please now create their own half human half yochi character. who inbox let jennie to slay the hospital yochi terrorizing the land and save the lives of innocent people.

Character Progression
Players can experience points by defeating enemies and completing missions. this can be used to level up at a shrine increasing cost at such a stamina or dexterity. which effects attributes like maximum health agility or elemental resistance if you die your amreeta is stored in your grave. return to where you died to a store your XP diegue then and it’s permanently lost.

Various weapons are in the game from swords and hatchets to bozan rifles. each with different stats characters can equip 2 melee and 2 ranged weapons at the time. but can stash any they find in there in venturi there are 9 starting weapons from which you can pick. to each of which Atta bonus points in one of your stats the more you use a particular weapon the more familiar you get with it increasing it starts and the damage it deals.

Combat centuries around managing your key performer stamina consumed with attacking Jiangnan blocking that.
regenerate overtime quick attacks train leskie but calls less damage well strong attacks are more powerful. but consume a lot of key there also 3 combat starter switch between high start excels at offense but uses morchi midstance is more defensive. and low starts uses the least keyan is great for dodging after the fact she will trigger a key post which greatly increases the amount of key restored.

Gaurdian Spirit & Yokai Form
Starting spirit please let your character transform into one of 3 Yochai forms. for ocis demons with extraordinary strength that deal mastamindz with each attack. there are 3 spirits are choose from at the beginning the Wolf spirit unlocks the brick form which uses sunbreak tripel and me attacks. the bird spirit unlocks the federal form which uses shadow SEPTA Dodge while performing quick attacks on photos finally the shop spirit unlock the Phantom form which uses the blood moon ability to not sure weapon at enemies. goodbye enemy attacks kallingal marylaine spirit tutuka bienemy you can transform into a yokai when the temperature gauge is full. in your car form your health and keepers are replaced with the go kart shift gauge which gradually the plates transforming you back into a human when empty.

summarize it is also play another tax on me or magic revolves around elemental. magic and then just focuses on stuff using each technique in combat and skill points unlock more abilities on each tree. for example repeatedly using sortit weapons in combat crowd samurai skill points each of the 9 starting weapons. also have their own skill tree packed with combos and abilities which can be a lot with the skill points and by using that weapon.

Burst Combat
when red smoke and circles an enemy there about to unleash of burstock. an extremely powerful move it could only be blocked by a bus counter time it correctly to reverse the attack and deal macici damage to your enimey.

Soule Core
Soule Core are occasionally dropped by defeates of yokai. dash rine can be equipped your Guardian spirit to grant new combat abilities much like carrots. are so coz are starting your grave if you die parish again before retreating them and they’ll be lost forever.

Kodoma friendly spirits up a story blessings such as increasing the drop rate of soul course. if you find the last kodoma return it to the nearest schreinzer accessit blessing in the shrid menu. and increase the number of healing Alexis you’ll given when you rested the shrines in that region.

Bloody Grave
Bloody Grave attorney nioh2 letting you summon and fight the avatars of other players In addition there are now benevolent grapes and ebeling you to summon player ever ties to fight alongside 

Fianl Words
Nioh2 is coming to PS 4 on the 13th of March. letting players craft their own samurai and leash there alyokhina forms and face off against this monstrosity watch are intense possible with myomeres sukuna here on this blog.subscribe For more updates. Thanks, For Visit.

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