The AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT is exactly what we want in a 1080p graphics … All of the testing for this review was based on the out-of-the-box.

let’s kick things off with some gameplay this has fortnight running on the Radeon 5600 XT
and the gameplay here is really smooth MD launched the 5600 XT this year at CES it goes up against the 1660 TI from Nvidia and at a similar price point, it offers much better.

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Radeon RX 5600 XT Review

performance the average FPS on fortnight was around 150 fps and the game never dead below 60 even the one person knows we’re at 80 fps moving on to another popular eSports title we have CS GO we’ve got an average framerate of 239 FPS.

yeah so even if you have 240 Hertz monitor you can pair it with the 5600 XD and enjoy csgo of course csgo is mainly CPU bound so the results here aren’t really surprising because our test bench it is Radon 5600 with 16 gigs of dual-channel linear for memory on a B 450 le gigabyte motherboard and a 256 gig SATA SSD.

all these games they’re being run at 1080p at max or close to max settings by the way next we have another CPU intensive title GTA 5 the graphics have been dialed all the way up and the average is 106 FPS with a 1-person low of 83 FPS.

now remember when I said how 5660 outpaces the 1660 VI bar by a fair margin well Nvidia responded to this by launching a special no-frills version of the RPX 2060 the EVGA RDX 2060.

Features and software

brought the price down to nearly 600 XT levels but still maintain a healthy need of course aimed he hit right back by pushing out a new bios to their 5600 XT and this increased the power limits leading to higher clock speeds and better boost locks by the way all our testing it was done with the new buyers next.

we have red dead Redemption – again with the graphics maxed out we got an average of 59 FPS here and a 1-person low of 36 fps yes they’re dead isn’t that well optimized for PC and it kind of shows with the gameplay however if you dial down the graphics just a little bit frame rates can be pushed over 60 fps and the overall experience is much better the card we are testing out right now it’s gigabytes gaming or see which case six gigs of VRAM and it comes with a pretty beefy triple fan cooler as well as well-designed heat pipes so we also get RGB and all the cool stuff here so we are getting some of the best 5600 XT performance with a swan share

Tomb Raider, it was run at the highest preset and it ran at an average of 92 FPS with the one-person low dipping down to 70 now in games like these the new bias comes right into play that’s it the numbers here might not be representative of all the 5600 X keys out there there would probably be a few cheaper variants from vendors who might cut a few corners 

maybe have a smaller cooler or lesser heat pipes we might see higher temperatures and a performance tape maybe next we have Star Wars Jedi of the Fallen order and we have a very smooth 103 FPS here again max details with a 1-person low of 71 FPS now another 

Performance Of Radon Rx 5600 XT

the thing that might be affected by the newer BIOS and increased thermals is the overclocking Headroom you want to see us test that out in a future video let me know in the comments below.

so finally wrapping this one up with yet another battle royale title apex legends we got an average of 133 FPS with the one person low of 78 fps again we have the max graphical settings here so basically if you want a game at 1080 with ultra or very high settings on most titles then the RX 5600 XT is a very good choice wearing red dead redemption to the 5600 XT 

Cathy one person low over 60 FPS at ultra settings and all the games that we tried and that happened to include quite a few popular triple-a titles so we didn’t really face any screen daring issues and the gameplay remains smooth throughout the card also managed to remain quite cool with the default fan curve I saw the gigabyte 5600 XD head temperatures

of up to 75 degree Celsius which isn’t really that bad of course now a lot will depend on how AMD price at a price adapt in India since the r-tx 2060 is available from 25,000 rupees and from our initial impressions it looks like 2016 might still be ahead on performance so the price difference is only around said two thousand rupees then the 2016 might still be better it might be a better choice but if AMD and they’re both partners managed to price the 5600 XD 

around the suggested 20,000 rupee price point then we might have a new king of 1080p gaming on our hands Afterall it’s miles better than the 1660 TI that retails for around 21,000 now that’s all from my end do let me know what you guys think about the 5,600 XT is it worth it is it not would you want to get one and of course would you like to see me continue doing more videos on graphic cards and more PC related content would you like to see 2020 60 and the 1660 di compared with this car with the 4 with the 5,600 XT would you like to see a side-by-side gaming comparison or something let me know in the comments below.

Price and availability

The AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT is available right now, starting at $279 (about £215, AU$400) with some cards obviously going higher in price, depending on manufacturer and model. The 5600 XT we were provided with for review is the Sapphire Pulse model, which carries a slight factory overclock and a dual BIOS, and retails for $289 (about £220, AU$420). 

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