5 Super Cool Gadgets From Amazon!

Hey, guys, I am Drash and today I have some really cool exciting and affordable smart gadgets that you might not know about. In this post, we’re showcasing some really cool, exciting and affordable smartphone gadgets and accessories that you can buy from Amazon. Some of the gadgets are under 500 Rupees while other gadgets are under 2000 Rupees.
  1. Wireless Powerbank with Kickstand
  2. Wireless Charging Mousepad
  3. SUP Mario Console
  4. Iron Man Wireless Mouse
  5. Lazy Neck Mobile Stand

Gadgets Under 500 Rs From Amazon

Wireless Powerbank with Kickstand
Gadgets on amazon
Let’s start with this cool power bank. exciting features that make it stand out so it’s a 10000 Amh Powerbank which is all the necessary features that you expect from a modern power bank. Its work fast charging that works both ways all the parts that you need including a micro USB and types C  but you know what for some point you won’t even need any of these parts. In case you forget your charging cable don’t worry just left your phone on top of this and it’ll start charging. Second and the most crucial feature is the extension that comes out of this apartment what it does is this any smartphone Stand where you can place your phone.
Wireless Charging Mousepad
Gadgets on amazon
the second gadget on the list is this mouse pad its looks like usual mouse pad stand but again it’s much more than that. What special about this mouse pad is that it can also wirelessly charge your smartphone yet pretty cool don’t want any bad and the other side where you see this G wireless charging marking his way to your place your phone to let it charge my new work it’s a pretty decent way to keep your phone juiced up and it’s quite effortless it’s not fast wireless charging is it only charges your phone at 5 hours but it running 100 rupees I think it’s a decent gadget that you can check out.
SUP Mario Console
Gadgets on amazon
so, guys, I’m not asking you what’s up so is actually the name of the gadget like to play games like Mario it’s so much fun once you take it out of the box you’ll be disappointed by the bad quality but once you turn it on it puts a smile on your face because it brings back all the memories of your childhood it certainly reminds me of bills yeah this gaming console with my leg 99,999 games in one anyway for something on sold as a 3-inch color display a 600 image correctly that should last for 3 to $4 and it includes 400 plus against jesmi playing super Mario all the stuff console start a fun especially because I got it for 700 rupees on Amazon and at that price, it’s quite good especially for kids.
Iron Man Wireless Mouse
Gadgets on amazon
this is a wireless mouse that looks like the Iron Man helmet it even lights up in the dark and as you can see it looks really cool but I saw it online I rushed to buy because it was so damn cold but I’ve been using it and I like a few things about it, for example, the buttons on the mouse there silent so you won’t get that clicking sound if you don’t like it the point in his precise and there’s a fact that you can change the date of the mouse on the most itself so yeah this is a fully functional mouse that’s definitely going to make the aesthetics of your desk look cooler its price at Amazon and you can use it with 2 triple A batteries mouse or maybe a keyboard mouse combo extra bestselling 100 looks at this guys just look at this all you are you meant fans out there this is something that you should definitely get.
Lazy Neck Mobile Stand
Gadgets on amazon
Lazy Nake Band because why not Yep just 200 and I wasn’t really expecting it to look premium and it certainly is not looks as I infections exactly like it shown in the project images you just hang it around your neck put on your phone in the Holder and let go it doesn’t strain your neck like you expected to which is great secondly it helps a lot if you’re trying to watch your favorite TV show on your bed and you have an starts hurting because of the phone so yeah it’s a great catch it but on a more serious note I wouldn’t recommend you to use your phone all the time using this text because is bad so please keep that in mind by the way this is rapacious favorite get it and he’s definitely taking it home once we’re done with the shoot.
Here are the links to all the gadgets shown in this Post:
Wireless Powerbank with Kickstand: 
Wireless Charging Mousepad: https://amzn.to/2RE17HA
SUP Mario Console: https://amzn.to/2uMNKvK
Iron Man Wireless Mouse: https://amzn.to/2O9rmnc
Lazy Neck Mobile Stand: https://amzn.to/315kCfz
Final Words
I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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