Samsung Galaxy Z Flip First Look – The Stylish Folding Smartphone 2020

Samsung galaxy z flip smartphone price in India. the launch date of Samsung galaxy z flip in India.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip price, availability

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has been priced at $1,380 (roughly Rs. 98,400 in India). the corporate says it’ll continue sale in limited quantities, starting in select markets from February 14 itself. These select markets include South Korea and also us. it’ll be available in Mirror Black and Mirror Purple initially, before being made available in Mirror Gold, Samsung says.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip specifications, features

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip first look, Galaxy Z Flip unboxing. Galaxy Z Flip mein 6.7″ FHD+ Infinity-Flex Dynamic AMOLED Display. Snapdragon 855+ Processor, 8GB RAM and 256GB Internal Storage. Galaxy Z Flip has Dual Rear Cameras 12MP Main Camera + 12MP Ultra Wide Camera, and 10MP ka Selfie Camera, Galaxy Z Flip battery 3300mAh ki battery hai 25W Fast Charging and Fast wireless charging.

Our reviews About Samsung galaxy z flip
new Galaxy Z Flip and well this looks gorgeous doesn’t I’m in the middle finish the striking colors it looks stunning all that is good but this is what it’s all about flipping yeah actually a flip phone but I like you own a flip phone as a screen that this is what makes it truly exciting like your usual spot phone with you using display you can just pull this in and keep it in your pocket flippantly to sound that will definitely remind you of all the flip phone anyway this is what it looks like when it’s folded very compact and very nice display as well this is a 1.1-inch display with something called add this is this music check it died thank you can even take a selfie with this display anyway like the Galaxy.
you can see this this gap in between window bodybuilding well the galaxies in club display glass I like the full videos or plastic this is a 6.7 inch with ultra thin glass and now I’m here wondering yes Chris is pretty visible at I feel it also is one tallest way I will listen is it going to do is to22.9 display and ya its beaham jydske we don’t interesting flexible it has a self supporting hinge which means you can lock it at 9 we doing 1700 degrees Dan in this mode you get the viewing area on the top and interaction 80 on the bottom so this might actually come in handy for saving your recording of time lapse video with this music selfies hands free or even make a video call does a lot of the app support the flex mode so for example when you watching YouTube videos can get the comment section in this half and video on the other half well it does seem pretty cool back of the Galaxy zempl it does not have cutting your space but it’s definitely placzek great if you just eat 55 plus chipstead inch if you grab 2 back at 300 image battery with 15 work fast charging not exactly cutting it so galaxis the flip is not about the specs it won’t this folding prob factor which isn’t as crazy as the Galaxy 4 but it still super cool having said that I’m not sure how useful this clip from back again be old and being grateful keeping it in the pocket dollars yeah it’s pretty pricey a better idea and hopefully Samsung will launch it in there soon that was a quick look at the new Galaxy z.

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