Best Zoom Alternatives For You

Considering its recent issues in terms of security, a lot of you guys have been looking for the best zoom alternatives out there. Well, today we talk about the top 7 best zoom alternatives for video calling and connecting with your friends, family, and colleagues.
zoom alternatives

Here Are Some Best Zoom alternatives

What comes to your mind when you hear the word video conferencing? Well, I am sure it is the zoom that will help in a lot of popularity in the recent past. When it comes to video conferencing it shares privacy issues and I am sure you are here in this video facing the same. Well, today I am going to talk about best zoom alternatives that you can use if you don’t want privacy issues to be bothering.

Best Zoom Alternatives

List Of Zoom Alternatives
1. Whatsapp
The very first app in the list is WhatsApp yes but if you’re looking for something that you can use to make calls I mean to have some video conferencing. done with your friends or family you can definitely use that and why do I recommend it because it’s one of the easiest services to place a video call to your family offense and it is available on most of the devices out there. the one thing to remember is that WhatsApp allows for only 4 people on a video card so that there, not that compliment couple with the Lord video quality mix just for casual cows out there.
2. Google Duo
The next app that I would like to recommend is Google Duo. not only does the call quality is an upgrade on Google door when you compare it on WhatsApp it also allows you to add up to 12 participants in one call. also WhatsApp available on our platform heck you can use cooler do it right from your browser so meat your family calls video of pain Kohl’s or if you want to just put it make a call for a business discussion we can definitely use Google Duo.
Skype I mean no video conferencing list is complete without including Skype and it has been there in this particular market for a long time. now and it’s still one of the best that you can use other service offices almost the same functionality as soon and the servers are quite reliable loudest to the things to keep in mind. here is the free version that allows you to add up to 20 members to call as search for a small business or meetings that require only a part of the organization. and the free version works really well however if you are a better organization and if you want more people on call you can check out the type of businesses and if you are working less 1000 people. you can also check out Microsoft team which comes bundled I mean Skype comes bundled with that particular package so of course, I will depending upon your usage you can choose any of this.

Zoom Meeting Alternatives Free

4. Google Hangout
you can try is Google meet or Google hangout and of course, you can consider Google mean as an enterprise version of Google hangout Google tool I mean depending on the platform that you’re using it on now Google need is accessible only 4 members of Google business or Jesuit but the feature it offers is great you can add up to 250 members take calls from your web browser or any other client schedule cost to get sing directly through Google calendar record calls and watch more also is one of the most intuitive services out there now one thing I like to mention his start needs to be apart of the cheese organization and any person with the Gmail account, not a Google account can actually attend the particular meeting even though he’s not a part of that business account.
5. Ez Talks
The list is EZ of the most promising services that you can type of video conferencing amazing and video conferencing features full online meeting controls and Interactive whiteboard to brainstorm and bring ideas for the life you can share presentation slide audio and video with up to 10,000 in private and also schedule.
6. ZOHO Meetings
Talk about a nap for a bigger organization and in such cases so who is something that I would really recommend another company offers a lot of business-related products and so who the meeting is one of them the service includes features like it integrated calendar and scheduling screen shooting and ability to record installed webinars and conferences for later viewing it also offers audience fools question and answers sessions analytics and reporting and the best part is that all his features are available for all the users out there no matter which plans you choose.
7.Blue Jeans
Now if you’re looking for the best out there you should go and check out blue jeans and why do I say so well because we want better quality right like the better audio quality you get Dolby audio quality here if you want better videos we get HD video streaming on blue jeans how you can install an app but you can also take calls from the best browser and get the same functionality to get all the great features like screen sharing file sharing scheduling and much more but what said the service a class apart in the enterprise create a is a security that makes each and every call you place hike secure so if you’re looking to switch from zoom and privacy is the reason that you’re searching you should definitely check it out because of this year’s encryption that you have for all the video calls out there now soon call autumn it if you’re still I mean you so stay making.
Final Words
So this are some of the alternatives you can use instated of zoom. hope you guys like this post if ypu then don forget shre with your friends and family. And Subscribe our blog for more post like this. For more cool apps Checkout Here[Link].

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