Android 11 is already here. Yes, Android 11 Developer Preview 1 has arrived and we installed it on our Pixel 4 to give you guys the first look and talk about the most exciting Android 11 featuresThese are not our Android 11 first impressions or review because we will reserve that for our stable release.

Improved Notification Shade
Things change to the notification shade at the settings page. and what does not change under settings page front there are changes on the notification shade front Alicia get up section. so when you get a text or an email these notifications will be grouped under this conversation section. in a notification chain and I think it looks more refined that I like is the ability to paste images in replies in the notification. check to get it to work on the pixel 4 but it sounds interesting.

The Facebook chat is like the feature that we came across in an earlier road in beta is again here on Android 11. Facebook Messenger so basically with bubbles you will be able to get chat support enough like Google messages or basically any other messaging app that used to support this. right now you can just go to notification settings and enable the bubbles option after. will show up like this you just bubble to text option. anyway, I’m hoping Ashley wants the Apple exam and third party support this feature with 11 rules or later this year.

Better permissions
I don’t think of more control when it comes to location permissions. Android 11 is making things stricter you get these 3 options. only this time while using the app. and the yeah there’s no allow all the time option. about Leanne said need access to the location in the background will have to get Google’s approval. please stop anywhere not just the location permission this other permission to will be able to give up step ready permission to camera and microphone which I think is right. before we also added living will block after repeatedly asking the same permissions again and again if you did I’d buy some more yeah that’s super happy.

Screen Recorder
I don’t you be the last year had a pretty early version screen recorder. got up but it was grabbing the final eleven’s preview brings a new screen recorder. and well this seems to be the building so there’s a top of the table in the quick settings page. and watch it you get this problem asking you if you want to start recording but I can press start after 3 seconds it will start recording screen. running this Chromecast like I can on the status bar and there’s a notification that lets you stop there’s no option to record or show tabs or anything basically but I think we’ll see that in the future.

Improved DND
Do not disturb is also getting improved with an android  11. now the under next to the DND page in Android app exceptions I got 11 divides exceptions in people apps and alert another interruption all these different options. have more sub-options for people you can log on from anyone to contacts indie alarm reminders at other sounds. fun the other option but All in all this new organized on the page does seem more clean and nice.

Auto Dark Mode
Been waiting for this every single skin has this and well it’s finally here auto dark mode. adding seen the other levels time settings. you can now schedule dark mode to automatically turn on at sunset. and got off at something so you no longer need a truck body after schedule drop more off.

Other Changes
Awesome designer living features did a lot of other minor changes in that is back again. actually, I don’t know when you’re recording a video which I think is a great addition. and there’s an option in their local options page to show the screen refresh need all the time fishing on the big sale for 1690.

and as you see their color changes as well I know it’s kind of like craps but it’s not exactly free history page now which is separate from the information dog and I did this all come in pretty happy.

it would be larger right now but I hope it makes it to the stable leave for you on the phone is that just running screens shots are finally coming around 11 and the fact that other living with implement the music player in quick settings like an os control center.

about this project updated individually better support what changes will bet if I do support and some pictures for exclusive vision stop being any major visual change but we’ll see how it goes as right every single feature that I don’t learn brings and if you want to know how to install the other 11 updates on a picture device.

Final Words
There are the upcoming features coming in android 11. I hope you like this post.ill see you in the next one.

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