So you have just got yourself a brand new one plus nord way to make better use of dual camera cut out that you get on the rent is going to be super useful for you.

enable edge lighting

How To Get Edge Lighting On Any Android

in this post I will show you how you can easily in enable this beautiful LED light around your camera edges. so whenever you receive any notification you will have this gorgeous light blinking on your notch. you guys read this post till the very end because if you miss any step then it will not work perfectly for you.

How To Enable

  1. To get this beautiful LED light you need to do is go to your Play Store and download this application is called always on edge lighting.
enable edge lighting

2. the direct link is provided below to you can download it directly.

3. Open the app and you will get the speed of interface or go to main sitting enable this option called independent lighting controller.

enable edge lighting
4. it will ask you for access ability permission it from your settings and enable this notification access permission as well.

Now simply Scroll it down and save the settings again go to the main menu and this time select app are just confirmed when you want to have this LED light on your camera cut out you can select a notification is Reserve saved and then I love this permission for display over no storage down.

you don’t have to do anything else on this and tap on the save button not just go back and select lighting settings guys mixture to watch this video now because I will be changing some important settings in this medium first simply select around not only option and then select I just manually will we don’t have the proper not type for oneplus not camera cut out.

So we need to set it manually guys make sure to follow all the dimensions and you will have a perfect LED light for your not to the knot with will be 197 and then select the notch hide 270 curve radius will be 19 and the top size will be 36 now finally City not on the left and the size will be 60 41 have done with all the dimensions.

enable edge lighting

you can also change the light thickness I will recommend you to keep it at six or seven other than this you are so with the option to select different styles for your LED light like sparkle Shine liquor warm and more you can select with search style you like and you also get the option to change the colour I personally love this Rainbow colour it looks gorgeous and then you can I want select the lighting effects like there is a glow effect which looks great and this one looks cool as well basically there are so many customisation options and you can simply player on with this settings once you are done just save it and finally select enable ab here are you will find all the apps that you have installed on your device simply select the ask for which you want this LED light

Wrap Up

so that’s pretty much it guys know if you receive a notification you will have this beautiful light around your camera which looks great on oneplus nord. if you will find this post useful then subscribe to our blog and im drash signing off and ill see you in the next cool post like this

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