Here In This List, We Got You covered With the Latest Games | Upcoming Open Word Games In 2020. New Games 2019 | 2020. open world games are as big as ever taught great new ones coming this year today on DrashGaming the top 10 new open-world games of 2020.

just a quick disclaimer before we get started there are a few games we are excluding from this Final Fantasy 7 remake, for instance, it’s going to be grand in scale but it doesn’t necessarily look like an open world vampire the masquerade bloodlines hubs and we are going to talk about because there’s very little chance will see that this year.
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new games

  1. No More Heroes 3
  2. Dying Light 2
  3. Everwild
  4. Gods & Monsters
  5. Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord
  6. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot
  7. Watch Dogs Legion
  8. Elden Ring
  9. Ghost of Tsushima
  10. Cyberpunk 2077
Microsoft Flight Simulator
Yakuza: Like a Dragon
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Unannounced Assassin’s Creed

Let’s Look At The New Upcoming Open Word Games Of 2020

No More Heroes 3

starting off at number 1 is no more heroes 3 it’s been 10 years since the previous number Travis strikes again which can last year. If you’re unfamiliar no more heroes is an action-adventure hack and slash game basically intended to kind of be a humorist take on comic book stuff it’s kind of hard to explain in a short period time but the gameplay is a lot of fun that will most likely put a smile on your face one way or the other it does get a little extreme sometimes but not be could be worse no more heroes 3 is coming out on the Nintendo Switch sometime this year.

Dying Light 2
Numbar 2 is dying light 2 which looks actually add a very large amount of ideas to an already pretty good game dying light one of course we will be seeing the parkour skills of the original game lining number of hardcore moves with the big development is the emphasis on narrative they are attempting to do something pretty ambitious to say the least they want to make a story that is significantly more reactive to players choice is that what you might expect the developers are calling it a sandbox which gives you choices that have genuine consequences now keeping in mind we played games that have advertised this idea for a very long time and well we have been presented choices in games in doesn’t always live up to the rhetoric so to speak the thing that makes me interested in this is that it’s not really something that developers and publishers of tried to sell it so that makes me think that the technology developed dying light so we already know that the gameplay itself is probably going to be good because they build on that time like to his sadly been delayed from its initial spring release techland in Square Enix have deleted because they say the game needs more time and there not sure exactly how much so currently it’s delayed indefinitely anything like that I’m sure they’ll give us more information soon but we don’t know when it’s gonna come out as of right now.

coming in at number 3 is ever wild a new game for graphically speaking you can really tell looking at ever wild the mark that legend of Zelda breath of the wild has left on the game in world they actually do that same thing there’s not a ton of information on this game out right now we know it’s an action-adventure game we know it’s open-world we know it’s very pretty and rare purported to offer engaging in meaningful experiences now I would hope that basically any games on some level whether it be through gameplay enjoyment bring you some sort of meaningful experience I mean just simple funny we will keep you updated as we find out more about this game we don’t have a release date but we’re supposed to see it sometime this year.

Gods & Monsters

number 4 is gods and monsters comes to us from the creators of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for you be saw this is another game like I said that you can really feel the weight of Zelda breath of the wild on and in truth is a lot of things I think are really intriguing about this we’ve seen this sort of types of open-world games that you be softmax but they typically don’t go for such a distinct aesthetic in those games he has some of them they have dove into that and are very pretty but I would say that this game really stands out there’s really nothing like this in the U be soft catalog and if we know kind of what we’re getting gameplay-wise when comparing it to Assassin’s Creed autocrine knowing that the developers from that game or the ones were taking this cartoon making it about monsters in about defeating monsters honestly, in my opinion, is really intriguing gods and monsters is coming to PC Xbox One PS 4 and Nintendo switch 2020.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord
number 5 is Mount and blade 2 banners Lord way back in 2012 like its predecessor it is an action role playing game with an emphasis on strategy with this basically means if you’ve ever played the original is that it’s kind of a management slash strategy game it’s kind of a sandbox which sound like 3 pretty desperate things but when the original Mount and blade came out in 2008 it wasn’t really like graphically a powerhouse in any way and it got a lot of God for that but the way the game was set up with more than intriguing was really enjoyable game and it’s really nice to see that same idea broad in too much better-looking graphics because get it was not a good looking guy I don’t think is gonna win any awards for graphics is just such a turn around that comparing the 2 games is like wow there’s a lot of new stuff to look forward too as well which gives him much more combat oriented experience but that doesn’t mean it’s a different game altogether in the single player you will be able to persuade people a well-executed persuasion system can really drastically improve and I’m looking forward to that I’m just looking forward to playing it though is releasing in march for early access date but look for it on steam.
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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot
6 is Dragon Ball Z cachora this is the game that has a lot of expectations and 4 lot of people meets them but it’s not necessarily for everyone let’s just say the starts a little bit slow but in my opinion when it gets going it’s really a worthwhile game it’s not perfect but not really upset about the level of imperfection for me it’s a game that needed to be made and is a satisfyingly madcam it’s not gonna rock your socks off with new features or anything it’s an open world game it delivered some high octane dragonball combat and enjoyable game it’s not the most innovative thing I’ve ever played it’s just one really cool looking game that gives you the entire Dragon Ball saga I enjoyed the hell out of it I’m not gonna tell you that it’s perfect I like it but just for have baseball and how fun this game is in my opinion kind of overcomes the lack of innovation is pretty much the best Dragon Ball story video game it’s out now for PS 4 Xbox One and PC I would definitely recommend playing it.

Watch Dogs Legion
Numbar 7 we talked about how there are some games I’m done a good job creating a look and the watchdog series has done exactly that this one in particular looks to really take the ball and run with it though is set in a hypothetical alternate future Britain, where brexit is taken everybody in a police state direction focus is on creating a resistance to the police date which is obviously powered by CTOS the operating system that the series is based around this, is taking the Grand Theft Auto 5 route and giving us multiple protagonists to play it personally I think that’s a good move for this game particularly or that kind of story more so than even Grand Theft Auto it were talking about building a hacker resistance the only seeing one person’s perspective on that might actually get kinda boring after awhile but the characters themselves look to bring more than just narrative difference is they actually will have different skills and honestly I think that this may be a landmark game for the watchdogs franchise 4 and 5 Xbox One Xbox series X windows and stidia sometime this year.

Elden Ring
8. Elden ring the collaboration between from software and George RR Martin this is kind of the from software pen world experiment with all these souls like formula essentially work with the world wide open in some respects I think we’ve seen a little bit of a preview of what we may see without and ring with action albeit with an entirely different aesthetic story etc particularly interested in is the George RR Martin collaboration the way that worked out is George RR Martin apparently did the world-building elements of it and me is aki and from basically filled in actual story that’s a pretty interesting way of doing a collaboration in I have some pretty high hopes for Eldon ring honestly from southwest never really let us down before why would you start now will be out sometime this year box one.

Ghost of Tsushima
Number 9 is ghost of tsushima which is an action adventure game with the stealth twist basically this was revealed and I was already ready for it it is absolutely gorgeous looking damn it comes to him options and follows the last samurai on sushi mahail and back in the 13th century know the central conflict of the game is apparently the m***** invasion of Japan about the fantasy of becoming a samurai in which you will over the course of the game learn to the way of the ghost which is apparently a prerequisite vertep eating the m***** empire plenty about this game remains a mystery, for now, Bud punch created the infamous series and apparently in serving as the inspiration for the transversal techniques that the main character of this game will be employed so I think that can give us a little bit of a hint as to how the game will play element and that just comes out of the words so combining these 2 things makes me very interested on top of that like I said ghost of tsushima is gorgeous it’s coming a PlayStation 4 in quarter 2 or quarter 3 of this year.

Cyberpunk 2077
and finally the Number 10 Cyberpunk probably the biggest game of the year probably the game that we all want to play the most in cyberpunk cyber punk do we haven’t already said I don’t know how you could not know what it is but just to distill it looks a lot like first-person Grand Theft Auto in the coolest looking city of all time to say I’m ready to jump into the world to cyberpunk is such a massive understatement I cannot wait its gonna be landing on windows PS 4 Xbox One.


bonus game for you it’s not quite the same thing its Microsoft Flight Simulator the reason we don’t say it’s quite the same thing is because you’re flying I mean it’s definitely very cool that you’ll be able to fly around all over the place that’s not a new thing for flight simulator but it’s been a while is definitely cool to see the new flight simulator game.

Coming out dragon which is a totally new type of Yakuza: Like a Dragon again and will not be truly real-time combat instead it’s a turn-based RPG style combat which is really a bold choice that I’m pretty interested in seeing, to be honest.

Next is Animal Crossing New Horizons which is a bigger and better version of the classic life send that absolutely everybody who owns a Nintendo product it least Nosov but a lot of people really love this series, of course, I think basically everybody with the Nintendo switches PT Asessions Creed game that is apparently coming in 2020 it is rumored to take place during the Viking a little out of speculation that will be called Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok but none of that is even vaguely confirmed so keep that in mind honestly I do think that would be a great era to do it especially given the depth that we’ve seen see an origin.
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Final Words
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