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Watch has always been a part of our lifestyle and now smartwatches add to our lifestyle. Today everyone wants to have a smartwatch of a good brand. Here we have brought the list of Top 5 Smart Watches Under 5000. Which you will get the smartwatch of good brand for less than Rs 5000.

Many people consider smartwatches to be only a fashion gadget but this is not the case at all. They are much better than common watches and they are not named smartwatch because of the look they have smart features.

  • Real time heart rate monitoring
  • Blood-oxygen Level Monitor
  • Activity trackers
  • Mobile control system
  • Phone call & notification management

This Are The 5 Best Smart Watches Below 5000

Best Smartwatches Under 50000PriceView
Realme Smartwatch₹3,310View At Amazon
Timex iConnect Active Digital₹4,529View At Amazon
Amazfit Bip Fitness Smartwatch₹4,999View At Amazon
Noise ColorFit NAV₹4,499View At Amazon
Muzili Smart Watch IP68₹1,999View At Amazon
list of best smartwatches

There are many more such features you can see in a smartwatch. Which you will not find in any common watch and because of their price. Also slightly higher than the common watches, it usually ranges from 10 thousand to 500 thousand rupees . But there are some companies which are making smart watch at the budget price itself and you will tell you about the best smart watches whose price will be less than 5000 rupees.

Top 5 Smart Watches Under 5000

Before I tell about the best 5 top smart watches under 5K list, let me warn you, do not compare the smartwatches mentioned here with Apple watch, Samsung smart watch, Oppo watch, because there is a lot of difference in its price and feature. These two are products of different categories.

Realme Smartwatch

Realme smart watch 3.5cm (1.4 ″) is a better smart watch that comes with Large Color Touchscreen. In this, you get many important features, which is necessary according to the daily routine. We all know that the Realme India budget market has got hold of it and it is seen as a good brand.

Top 5 Smart Watches Under 5000

You get some special features in Realme smart watch at a price of only Rs 3990.

  • In this you will get real time heart monitoring feature.
  • You will get to see 14 different sports modes.
  • Music and camera control features will be available.
  • Blood oxygen monitoring system will be available.
  • Personalized Watch Faces will be available.
  • You will get 4 different color models.

Realme smartwatch you will find online on Amazon, its price is Rs 3,579, you can buy it by clicking direct here.

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Timex iConnect Active Digital

Timex US is a large watch company and has a distinct identity in India. It is specially known for making Analog and Digital watch but it also makes smartwatch and its smart watch series is named iConnect. If you want to buy Timex company smartwatch, then Timex iconnect digital under 5000 is a better watch for you.

In this, you get features like Calories, distance and Step tracking. Full touch screen is available and there are many such features.

  • Sleep tracking
  • Notification
  • Media control
  • Sports mode
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • With Timex 2 app you can control it and its price is only 4,293 rupees in Indian market.
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Amazfit Bip Fitness Smartwatch

Amazfit is a fast growing US smartwatch company and is currently a reputed watch brand. In this Amazfit Bip S smartwatch, which is available for Rs 4,999, you get all the necessary features that are found in standard smart watch. You get a 200mAh battery whose life can be up to 30 days.

  • You get 8 different sports models.
  • For heart rate monitoring, you get BioTracker sensor, which is considered to be better for real time tracking.
  • Huami-PAI health assistant system is available in this.
  • Systems like weather forecast and music management are available, which makes your work a little easier.

Amazfit is a better brand, its customer review is also better, you will find it on Amazon.

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Noise ColorFit NAV

Now you also get to see better India’s brand in the market as if you have seen a better brand for Bluetooth headphones. Similarly, a very big brand in watch is in the country and it has a Noise ColorFit. In Noise ColorFit Nav under 5000 you get a good smart watch.

  • In this, you get better features like 3D monitoring.
  • 10 sports modes are available.

Noise ColorFit NAV is specially designed for sports and if you play any sport and want to track your activity then it will be the best smartwatch for you because in this you get 10 sports modes which are both indoor and outdoor sports.

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Muzili Smart Watch IP68

In Muzili Smart Watch, you get a budget price along with better features. Muzili is a smart gadget maker that makes electronics gadgets of uniqe design and when it comes to under 5000 smartwatch, you get a battery with 10 days power backup.

In this, you get more than 9 different smart features.

  • You will find it in Music Controller.
  • Deep breath train will be available which will help you relax.
  • track your daily workout routine through GPS.
  • get notification management of Call and Message.
  • You get this in long sitting reminder.

Its price on amazon is 3999 rupees and you can also buy it online at COD.

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Benefits Of Using Smart Watches

If you go to watch for 5000 rupees, then you will get very good brand and very good digital and analog watches but if you talk about smartwatch, then you must have seen in this Top 5 Smartwatches Under 5000 list that you will get smartwatches with basic features.

  • Watch is used only for viewing time, but smartwatch is not just for watching time, you get many such features in it, so smart like today.
  • You can track your fitness status with the help of a smartwatch and there are many fitness modes in it which are beneficial for a user.
  • If you are traveling, you get a lot of convenience, you do not have to come out of the phone pocket again and again, you can see the activity of the phone on the watch itself.
  • Which are good brands like Samsung, Apple and fitbit smartwatches, you get more advanced features in it, you can manage social media.
  • You can connect the phone and if the phone is lost, you can find it by tracking the smartwatch.


Friends, hope you liked the Top 5 Smart Watches Under 5000 list if you have better brands like Iconnect, Realme and Amazfit. Customer experience of these Smartwatches has been better and if you are using any brand from it, then definitely share about it in the comment.

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