What is the full form of D.P.

Today in this article we are going to talk about a topic on which a lot of our friends are confused. We will often hear it 5 – 6 times a day, I must have heard from some friend that today on Whatsapp New DP is installed. How did my Facebook DP appear? I am changing DP today! But most of our friends do not know the full form of DP. Have you ever thought about what is the full form of D.P.?

What is the full form of D.P.

This is also true that a lot of people dont know DP What is the full form of D.P. But there are many people who do not know the full form of DP. A lot of Internet users probably do not know about why profile pictures of social platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram are DP? To know some amazing and new things related to DP, read this post in its entirety.

What is meaning of DP ?

By the way, if there is any short form, many of its full forms are made. And a short form has different full forms in many different fields. For example, in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, DP Full form is Data Processing. If we asked to the mathematics student long form of DP, then he will tell Dirichlet Process. If the same question is asked by a person of another profession, then he will tell some full form related to his field.

But generally someone should be asked, what is the full form of DP? Then the answer will come Desktop Picture. But do you think this is the full form of DP? No, This full form of DP is wrong.

Photos used on any social media platform messaging profile is Display Picture. Meaning the full form of DP is: “Display Picture”

The term profile picture was quite popular for DP for a long time. Profile picture Facebook used to be a fairly well-known word for a time. But after some time since of Whatsapp the word DP became very popular.

Whatsapp’s profile picture is DP. But after some time, for the profile picture of Facebook and Instagram, the word DP became quite popular and popular among people.

Difference Between Desktop Picture and Display Picture?

As we have said, a lot of people think that DP full form desktop picture. And some people think DP Full form Display Picture. But as we have told you that the real full form of DP is a Display Picture. However, we know what is the difference between a Desktop Picture and a Display Picture.

Desktop Picture :

Long time ago, when Smartphones were not common among people. Meaning Smartphones were a unique thing. Very few people used to have smartphones. That was the era of Desktop Computer back then at that time, Internet was computers.

At that time DP meant Desktop Picture and Desktop Profile. Meaning that the picture you have placed on the screen of your Desktop Computer was called DP.

Display Picture :

Today there are many places where we apply our pictures. The most common is Social Media Platforms Like Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp and all other social media platforms.

So not everyone is using Desktop to use these platforms. Because now the era of smartphones has come. And Prices of smartphones are also affordable for the public. Dp full form has also been replaced from desktop picture to display picture after the smartphone has been replaced from the desktop.

Final Word

So friends, now you have got the complete information about D.P.(What is the full form of D.P.) What is the difference between Desktop Picture and Display Picture? , If you have any suggestion on this, then definitely tell in the comments.

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